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We are proud of our expanding list of satisfied customers. We see a mutual value and benefit of quality and professional service.

Idea Protection team adapts flexibly to customer needs, service time and high quality standards completes the expectations,  frames good and successful impression of working team.

Valdas Krikscikas, inventor (Lithuania),

People like to say choose any two: price, quality or service. With IAM consultants you don't have to choose, you get full package plus extras. I know who I can trust my business identity and security.

Kerintis Stilius, Ltd. (Lithuania),

After researching what was needed for a basic patent application, several uncertainties remained, and the cost of getting a legal patent document and answering the uncertainties was looking rather expensive for a first time private inventor such as myself. After contacting Idea Protection, I was provided with clear advice on the way forward, and a patent application was developed, all for a noticeably lower cost than UK based legal firms were quoting. The legal patent document was developed in collaboration with the Idea Protection Patent Attorneys, allowing me to provide input through the process, to ensure the essence of the ideas being protected were well represented. I am highly satisfied with final patent application, and would be happy to recommend Idea Protection to anyone else facing the same challenge.

Andy Clark, inventor (Belgium),