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Combining years of experience with sophisticated software tools, we deliver quality and cost effective patent drafting and preparation services,  as well as other services in the intellectual property rights field. Our choice - business process innovation - drives our company towards customer satisfaction by eliminating errors, complying with strict schedules and significantly reducing patenting cost.

Patent drafting/preparation costs

ServicesPrice, EURPrice, GBP*Price, USD*
Patent State-of-the-Art Search (per search) from 280  from 200 from 300 
Patent Specification Writing (per hour) 80  68  84
Adapting of Provided Text (per hour) 55  40 60 
Patent Claim Drafting (per claim) 20 15  23 
Patent Drawing Preparation (per page) 30-60  26-50 42-80
Discussions with Inventor (per hour) 80 68  84
Filing Patent Application  120-400 100-350  130-430

Industrial Design/Trade mark Registration Services

ServicesPrice, EURPrice, GBP*Price, USD*
Design/Trade Mark Search (per search) from 160  from 135  from 170 
RCD/EUTM Registration 300  265 348
Preparing and Filing an Opposition/Invalidity Claim  from 500 from 420  from 520 
Preparing Notice of Infringement (per hour)  80  68 84
Preparing a Response to Office Action (per hour)  80 68 84
Renewal of Rights (per unit)  50 42  52 
Consultations about Registration of Rights (per hour)  80  68  84 

*The fees in GBP or USD may change according to official currency rates
For legal and translation services please contact us.

Typical Cost of Patent Drafting service

Our patent drafting services are among the most reasonably priced worldwide. Transparent cost structure allows for better cost planning and clarity. An average patent description contains approx. 2000 words, 8 claims, 2 drawings. Patent drafting for such 'average' patent specification comes to around GBP 840  (EUR 1000).


10% discount is provided in exchange for a link to our website.
Discounts are not accumulated and only one kind of discount is applicable at a time. Request for discounts and additional information prior to ordering services. Discounts are only applicable for professional services, not for official fees.

Discounts are only applicable for professional services, not for official fees.

Disclaimer & Terms and Conditions

Delivery time of search and drafting services is typically 2 weeks after order confirmation.
Minimum charge per single work is GBP 40. Additional services, which are not included in the fee schedule above are charged based on the hourly rate, which currently is EUR 80, or with a negotiated price.
Fee schedules above include only professional charges. Official fees are determined on an actual request.
Considerably big volume projects are subject to custom pricing and delivery timeline.

Content Warranty and Confidentiality

We provide the content warranty.
Corrections are free of charge within 2 weeks from submission of draft files.
Whether there is a requirement to add new content (features, embodiments, prior art, etc.) it is charged according to the fees listed above.
All information provided by potential customers using email or other written communication means is treated confidential unless prior to that it was publicly available via Internet and other sources of information.