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Who can draft Patent Specification?

Specification drafting is the most experience-demanding part of work in the way of idea protection. Description containing 10 pages or more has to drafted by employing great deal of diligence and careful selection of wording. For beginner inventors it might seem like an 'another formal document to draft', but his/her more experienced colleague will complement, that specification is the core part of every invention (utility) patent. That's because description and claims set the boundaries and scope of idea protection.

In most cases it is well worth to look for an experienced patent writer within exact technical domain. Especially when it comes to claim drafting. A technical expert not only formulates the achievements into the patent language, but also might see and propose possible extensions or new applications of the invention.

In addition, only experts of the given technical field might properly evaluate state of the art inventions and draft the new application in the way that it would cause less or no X and Y evaluations in the international search phase. Every new patent application has to be treated with great caution.  As a consequence of lack of experience and attention to details, results in adequately bad evaluation by the international experts. Although it is allowed to amend patent claims after the ISR (International Search Report), published negative evaluations of the examiner might become a serious problem in patent disputes and might encourage potential infringers to 'try their luck'.

Our team offers expertise in certain technological fields, including

  • laser sources and optical engineering
  • laser machining systems and processes
  • spectroscopy (NIR, FTIR, Raman, Fluorescence, etc.)
  • optical systems and components
  • LED lighting systems
  • LED production
  • photovoltaics production
  • video and audio production devices

Apart from our specialized competences we are also drafting patent descriptions for mechanical, electrical, computer networks and computer software inventions.

We focus on patent drafting services. By using state of the art drafting and publishing software and working with structured content we guarantee consistency, fast service delivery at low price.

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