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Laser Idea Protection

IAM consultants, Ltd. and its patent drafting and technical writing divisions established itself as a leading writing service provider for laser companies. Such well known names, as Light Conversion, University of Southampton, ELAS, Altechna, Workshop of Photonics and Integrated Optics transferred all patent and technical writing work to IAM.

This year Idea Protection is celebrating already the tenth patent written for the laser industry alone. It forms almost a third of our portfolio of the year, thus we can proudly present ourselves as a specialized firm with expertise in lasers and photonics.

Why Lasers?

laser idea protectionCall it coincidence, but all out technical writers and patent drafters are graduates or still studying laser physics in Vilnius University. The founder of IAM, Evaldas Pabreza is also a graduate from the same university. He was trained as laser technologist with specialization in ultra-short pulse laser micromachining. Since that time relations with the academic society are still maintained as Evaldas periodically consults his professors regarding the matters of patents and inventions. And we are very happy that young graduates of master studies demonstrate stong motivation to work as technical writers at IAM.

Speaking about lasers, Lithuania has already 4 decades of experience in laser production. The first laser has been built in labs of Vilnius University just 5 years after the invention of laser by Mr. Theodore Maiman. Today the total size of laser community is around 500 people, which is almost equal to the laser community in much bigger countries, such as France.

Lithuanian laser engineers are extremely strong in Solid State Laser Engineering. We have one of the most advanced laser sources ever built - it is a femtosecond laser called PHAROS (Light Conversion, Ltd.), whereas Optical Parametric Amplifiers of the company have established itself as a standard in spectroscopy labs. Another laser manufacturer - EKSPLA - is a leading supplier of picosecond laser sources to the academics. A promising start-up, called Integrated Optics manage to pack much smaller optical components into innovative laser designs. This market's novice is very aggressive in patenting as it plans to file up to 8 patent applications this year alone, thus seeking for idea protection.

Aiming to Become a World Class Service Provider for Idea Protection and Technical Writing

Having such strong references from its laser customers, IAM plans to expand to the European, Asian and US markets. The combination of specific technical expertise and low costs, which is specific to almost all service providers in Lithuania, is an attractive sales point, tempting foreign laser companies to outsource technical writing and patent drafting.

By using the state-of-the-art software tools we are able to offer consistent management of contents, fast turnaround and low rate of mistakes. The documentation prepared gives confidence to our customers - their image and products look much more professional. And we are delighted to be a part of it.