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Trademarks are registered titles and logos, which are used to mark goods and services when they are offered to customers. Trademark protection can last forever, if extended every 10 years or so.

How trade marks can restrict competition

Intellectual property rights (IPR) are created to foster innovation – to give incentive for a company or a creator to invest in business, create new products, brands, innovate on the existing technology. The existence of IPRs may make a market more attractive for innovators, leading to country-specific investments in marketing and distribution. Such investments may…
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Protecting your domain name

The Internet is a shared resource, a cooperative network built out of millions of hosts all over the world. Its popularity is unquestionable, and the necessity is enormous. If you are not in the Internet – you do not exist at all. If Google search does not put your web page at the beginning of the…
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Intellectual Property Objects

The term ‘Intellectual Property’ covers wide range of intangible assets created by means of mental activity. Authors of such creations of a mind are granted with exclusive rights to use it and harvest commercial gain from it in form of royalties, licensing and selling for a limited period of time, usually 15-25 years. (more…)
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Patent Attorneys, Draftmans, Lawyers and Agents

Patent Attorneys help inventors to draft their patent applications and file them accordingly with authorized bodies. To become a patent attorney, one has to practice the intellectual property work for several years, typically – from 3 to 5. Then the patent practitioner has to pass examination – respectively in his own country or before the regional patent office.…
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Authorized Bodies for IP

All objects of Intellectual Property, to become valid, have to be registered with authorized bodies. Those government agencies are usually called Patent Offices and are of several common types: national patent offices, regional patent offices, regional registration agencies and the World Intellectual Property Organization (the one and only authorized body establishing itself as 'international patent…
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