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Category Archives: Strategic Planning

Strategic planing involves selection of countries, evaluation of markets, road-map planning, fee estimation.

Punctuality in patents

Timing is everything. Even in IP field, timing is a very important issue. Strategy, of when your invention should see the daylight, must be clear and thought-out. There are inventions that brought no profit to the owner, just because at the moment there still was no market for it, or the representation was poor. One…
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When Patenting Pays-off?

Idea protection with invention patenting sometimes gets really expensive, especially if protection is sought in 5 or more countries. Later every year the patent owner has to pay ever increasing annuity fees. So when does it pay off? And will it pay off some day? Of course, the question too complex to have just a…
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National phase (validation, extension, etc.)

Entering a national phase is a key procedure for enabling idea protection in selected countries. It is a later stage of patent prosecution, which is also related to the biggest cost of the patenting cost pie. Transition into national phase means taking all necessary steps to make a patent valid in a member state of…
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Patenting Strategy: budget (patent cost)

Patent cost is the most sensitive question to individual inventors and quite a headache for companies seeking for idea protection by means of invention patenting. All patenting activities are related to certain amount of risk, consisting of technological, commercial or investment factors. Naturally, patent applicants are willing to reduce or distribute said risks over time. (more…)
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Patenting Strategy: country selection

After filing of the priority application, it is time to think about overall patenting strategy. At that moment, one of the key questions to answer is "in what countries my idea should be protected?" This is a complex question, which not only sets, where the applicant will have a monopoly rights, but also, it will…
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