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Patent search is a procedure, which can be made using publicly available patent databases. Preliminary patent search reduces the risk of idea protection by patenting.

How to understand Patent Search Report

The search report established for a patent application is transmitted to the applicant together with copies of any cited documents. (Wiki) "The search is an essential element of the grant procedure, being designed to identify prior art relevant to the application. The intention is to make it possible to determine, on the basis of the…
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Embedded Systems: Patentable or Not?

After reading series of seminars for scientists of embedded systems, few things came out clear. Patenting here is as complicated as in software-related inventions. Let me tell you, why. Inventive step is often questionable Majority of embedders are 100% into applied science, whereas electronics design and software development are two most important skills, they operate.…
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Prior Art Search: techniques

For those, wo have not read our previous post on patent search basics, we recommend doing that. This time, I will try to provide more comprehensive description on patent search, including some tips which come from my experience working as a patent consultant and executive. Reliability of your patent search Even if you already have skills…
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Prior Art Search: business approach

Since the last two posts on patent search were more for individual inventors and inventors in general, now I will analyze benefits of the patent search to business units. First Search - then invent... The more I work with technology development, the more I see that young companies, which decide to invest in development of new products or solutions…
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Prior Art Search: databases

This post should be very useful if you decided to perform prior art search by yourself. This is recommended as the very first step of idea protection. Patent search provides several significant benefits, i.e. reduces risk related to patenting, provides good knowledge on technical development, gives more ideas of product functionality, collects information needed for drafting of…
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