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Invention is an improvement of a product, method or material, which was not known before and is not obvious to a person, skilled-in-the-art.

Punctuality in patents

Timing is everything. Even in IP field, timing is a very important issue. Strategy, of when your invention should see the daylight, must be clear and thought-out. There are inventions that brought no profit to the owner, just because at the moment there still was no market for it, or the representation was poor. One…
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To license or to abandon? Or what open licensing works for?

Leonardo da Vinci once confirmed “Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous.” Nevertheless, human beings are inventing and creating every day. In 2014 World Intellectual Property Indicators, WIPO announced that patent filings grew by…
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“Deeper” sonar received prestigious innovation award

© Organization pic. Deeper Smart Fishfinder took the Best of Innovation Award at the biggest annual worldwide Consumer Electronic Show known as CES2016, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the first time ever for any fishing technology to be nominated and win the award. Deeper Fishfinder was selected as one of the honorees at…
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Embedded Systems: Patentable or Not?

After reading series of seminars for scientists of embedded systems, few things came out clear. Patenting here is as complicated as in software-related inventions. Let me tell you, why. Inventive step is often questionable Majority of embedders are 100% into applied science, whereas electronics design and software development are two most important skills, they operate.…
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Laser Idea Protection

IAM consultants, Ltd. and its patent drafting and technical writing divisions established itself as a leading writing service provider for laser companies. Such well known names, as Light Conversion, University of Southampton, ELAS, Altechna, Workshop of Photonics and Integrated Optics transferred all patent and technical writing work to IAM. This year Idea Protection is celebrating already…
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