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Category Archives: Registered Design

Outlook of product, if comprising distinguishing character, can be registered with a registered design. International and European Community (RCD) registrations are very popular.

Intellectual Property Objects

The term ‘Intellectual Property’ covers wide range of intangible assets created by means of mental activity. Authors of such creations of a mind are granted with exclusive rights to use it and harvest commercial gain from it in form of royalties, licensing and selling for a limited period of time, usually 15-25 years. (more…)
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Idea Protection

Idea protection means taking some legal or confidentiality measures to protect individual's or company's ideas. All ideas - technical or not - can be separated into two kinds: secret ones or those, which are impossible to hide. Invention patenting is not necessarily the best and universal approach for idea protection. Though it is indispensable when…
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Patent Attorneys, Draftmans, Lawyers and Agents

Patent Attorneys help inventors to draft their patent applications and file them accordingly with authorized bodies. To become a patent attorney, one has to practice the intellectual property work for several years, typically – from 3 to 5. Then the patent practitioner has to pass examination – respectively in his own country or before the regional patent office.…
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Authorized Bodies for IP

All objects of Intellectual Property, to become valid, have to be registered with authorized bodies. Those government agencies are usually called Patent Offices and are of several common types: national patent offices, regional patent offices, regional registration agencies and the World Intellectual Property Organization (the one and only authorized body establishing itself as 'international patent…
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