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Category Archives: Description and claims

Patent description and claims are key verbal parts of the patent specification. Description summarizes the most preffered embodiments of an invention, while claims set the boundaries for patent protection.

How to Patent?

After number of posts on the topic of idea protection, it is about time to review all the articles to date, and put everything into a single picture to answer questions like 'how to patent?' or 'how to protect idea?'. Probably the most convenient form will be to list necessary steps with options, who can do…
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European vs. American Patent Drafting

Although patent writing has centuries of traditions, it has always been different in the old continent and the United States. Those differences originated because of number of reasons. Some of them being quite obvious,while others - more sophisticated. For proper understanding and interpretation of the different drafting styles it is important to understand that intellectual…
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Specification Writing

Effective idea protection is only possible with well drafted description and claims. For description writing, there are several configurations of the chapter structure, but in principle, all of them are easily convertible between each other.  Most authorized bodies accept specifications wrote in any major configuration, as regulated by WIPO, EPO, USPTO. Just in the US, the claims are…
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