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Commercialization is how you get ROIP (Return On Intelectual Property). Selling, licensing or reducing to practice – are the most common ways for patent commercialization.

“Deeper” sonar received prestigious innovation award

© Organization pic. Deeper Smart Fishfinder took the Best of Innovation Award at the biggest annual worldwide Consumer Electronic Show known as CES2016, held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the first time ever for any fishing technology to be nominated and win the award. Deeper Fishfinder was selected as one of the honorees at…
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When Patenting Pays-off?

Idea protection with invention patenting sometimes gets really expensive, especially if protection is sought in 5 or more countries. Later every year the patent owner has to pay ever increasing annuity fees. So when does it pay off? And will it pay off some day? Of course, the question too complex to have just a…
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Freedom to Operate Analysis

Freedom to operate analysis is a custom service provided by patent agents and search providers in order to give customers an answer, if it is safe to produce a product or use a production technology without infringing or violating third party intellectual property rights. Assume, a company is considering to start development of a new…
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What Rights Does A Patent Grant

Boomerang by Saulius Pakalnis Some inventors manage to file a patent application because they need the certificate to show to his or her friends, colleagues and otherwise satisfy the ego. One of my past clients has improved a boomerang and was very happy officially being the second inventor ever who invented a novel boomerang. He…
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Scientist dilemma: publish or protect?

The situation in other European countries might be different, but let's presume, the principles remain more or less similar to the eastern Europe. The issue to explore - is how informed are the scientists about possibilities of disclosing and protecting their discoveries. Unfortunately, too often we face the fact, that scientists lack comprehensive information, how they…
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