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Patent Agents and Attorneys provide professional services for idea protection by patent or design registrations.

How to Patent?

After number of posts on the topic of idea protection, it is about time to review all the articles to date, and put everything into a single picture to answer questions like 'how to patent?' or 'how to protect idea?'. Probably the most convenient form will be to list necessary steps with options, who can do…
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Who can help with Idea Protection?

After a technical idea is developed, it is time to discuss, who should help an inventor or a company to prepare patent description, claims, drawings and what is the right person to do all patent prosecution work. For budgetary patenting strategies it is important to answer, which tasks can be done by the inventor him-/herself…
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Patent Attorneys, Draftmans, Lawyers and Agents

Patent Attorneys help inventors to draft their patent applications and file them accordingly with authorized bodies. To become a patent attorney, one has to practice the intellectual property work for several years, typically – from 3 to 5. Then the patent practitioner has to pass examination – respectively in his own country or before the regional patent office.…
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