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What is an Invention?

In general, invention is a new solution, which solves some problem or provides more advantage to an existing product, like increased performance, reduced cost, prolonged lifetime, simplified production, etc. Formally, new and non-obvious methods, devices, materials or novel use of the later three could be called an invention and might be protected under patent law.…
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Patent Attorneys, Draftmans, Lawyers and Agents

Patent Attorneys help inventors to draft their patent applications and file them accordingly with authorized bodies. To become a patent attorney, one has to practice the intellectual property work for several years, typically – from 3 to 5. Then the patent practitioner has to pass examination – respectively in his own country or before the regional patent office.…
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Authorized Bodies for IP

All objects of Intellectual Property, to become valid, have to be registered with authorized bodies. Those government agencies are usually called Patent Offices and are of several common types: national patent offices, regional patent offices, regional registration agencies and the World Intellectual Property Organization (the one and only authorized body establishing itself as 'international patent…
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Scientist dilemma: publish or protect?

The situation in other European countries might be different, but let's presume, the principles remain more or less similar to the eastern Europe. The issue to explore - is how informed are the scientists about possibilities of disclosing and protecting their discoveries. Unfortunately, too often we face the fact, that scientists lack comprehensive information, how they…
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