Do you have a great idea? An idea you believe in?

Idea protection is your route!

At IAM we help you to protect your idea and receive revenues by patents. Our team is build from lawyers, patent attorneys, physicists and chemists, working to make your idea real.

We do:

  • Transform your idea to a great and strong patent application
  • Prepare drawings with CAD and Vector graphics software
  • Advise on patent usage abroad
  • Negotiate with IPO examiners
  • Evaluate strength of competitor’s patents
  • Fill necessary forms for you (UK IPO, PCT)
  • Conduct a Freedom to Operate (FTO) search and analysis

We guarantee:

  • The highest technical and legal expertise
  • Finest costs and most suitable payment methods
  • A respect of strict time limits and IPO deadlines
  • Legal security (NDA and Contract of services agreement)
  • Continuous communication – a reply within 24 hours

Contact us:

  • By email –
  • By phone - +442380970803
  • By mobile - +370 683 78384
  • By Skype – ideaprotection
  • In English, Russian, German, Spanish, French
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